Advance Makeup Masterclass

10 Dec 2021 to 12 Dec 2021
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
570+ Students | 9 Courses
In this course, you'll learn Basic Makeup to Party/Wedding Makeup, how to get the Perfect Base Makeup and how to achieve Smokey Eyes by Palash Recognized Trainer Aditi Durgapal.

What you'll get:

- Certificate
- Live QnA
- Recordings


Day 1: Halo Eyes with Dewy Base
• Green black Scattered Halo eyes
• How to get the perfect Halo blend
• How to blend shimmer and matte eyeshadow together
• How to create depth while doing a halo eye
• How to achieve the perfect ombre blend even with hooded eyes

• How to create a dewy base for different skin types
• How to make base look dewy instead of oily
• Reverse Contouring
• How to color correct, and hide uneven skin

• How to work with nude lipstick shades without looking washed off
• How to find the perfect undertone for your nude lipstick
Day 2: Half Cut Crease with Soft Matte Base
• A Burgundy half cut crease.
• How to create the perfect cut and depth.
• How to avoid any harsh lines in blending the shadows.
• How to blend different matte colors with each other.
• Color theory.

• How to create a soft matte base for different skin types.
• How to avoid shine and make base last the whole day.

• How to work with dark lipstick.
• How to avoid lipstick bleeding while using dark lipstick.
• How to match lipstick with eyeshadow and base.
Day 3: Full Cut Crease with Matte Full Coverage Base
• Full cut blown out Blue cut crease
• How to create the perfect shape of the cut crease
• How to decide the place for the cut crease for different eyeshapes
• How to create the perfect ombre blend of a little space
• How to avoid eyeshadow to look patchy or overblended

• How to create a matte full coverage base
• How to hide imperfections without looking cakey and patchy
• How to avoid your base from drying
• How to make your base comfortable matte and last the whole day
• Precise blending of products
• How to use Specific products for precise blending

• How to overline lips without looking overdone
• How to add ombre effect on lips

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