Reels Transition Masterclass

27 Nov 2021 to 29 Nov 2021
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
570+ Students | 9 Courses
Palash brings you the most awaited course on How to make reels


Day 1 :
• Things to remember while making transition videos.
• How to decide which kind of transition is to be done and when.
• What should be the setup while filming.
• How to make a flawless single transition video.
Day 2 :
• How to make simple multiple transition videos.
• How to make your transition look absolutely flawless.
• How to sync lip-sing with the audio you are using
Day 3 :
• How to make difficult and complex multiple transition videos.
• How to match video with the audio.
• How to continue one transition even when you change the frame.
• How to match the speed of the transition even when the audio is faster than the video.

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